The Ten O’clock Breakfast Project

Who we are and our activity

There are over a million poor children in Israel. An inconceivable figure. On average, 1 out of every 5 children comes to school without breakfast. Clearly, a hungry child cannot learn.
On July 8, 2014, the IDF  embarked on operation “Mighty Cliff” in the Gaza strip against the terrorists of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. The fighting lasted 50 days, during which intense battles took place in the dense and harsh area. On the last day of fighting, August 1, 2014, a ceasefire was announced, but the events that immediately followed will never be forgotten. 30 minutes after the ceasefire, the accursed terrorists set a trap for the IDF soldiers. Captain Benaya Israel, First Lieutenant Hadar Goldin and Sergeant Liel Gidoni were killed in the incident. They avoided firing at the terrorists due to the ceasefire, who used it to kill them and abduct Hadar’s body. Liel Gidoni, may he rest in peace, was found lying on the ground, with the terrorist’s body strewn over him. The heroic Liel did not give in and fought to the end. It was part of his personality, his dedication to the people of Israel and to anyone who requires help, to his dying breath.
Liel was born and raised in the Katamon neighborhood in Jerusalem. He also went to school there. During the Shiva for Liel’s death, an incredible story was discovered. It turns out that Liel would bring two more sandwiches with him to school for children who did not have their breakfast. With his unique sensitivity, little Liel noticed that these children didn’t bring anything to eat simply because they didn’t have them. The Katamon neighborhood is known for its low economic and social status, and it turns out that Liel undertook to help even at a young age. Every day, Eli, Liel’s father, would send more sandwiches for more children.
That moment, we decided that this would be the way to commemorate Liel, a worthy commemoration for a young man who was characterized by limitless giving to all, and doing so with a smile. We also decided to commemorate Liel’s smile. Each sandwich is wrapped in a plastic bag with a sticker with Liel’s smiling face on it, along with his eternal line “smile because smiling is happiness, and happiness is the strength to keep going”.
So, smile, and join us for this amazing project which is all about giving.

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